Final Project Thoughts

While I may change my mind a time or two, for now my final project idea is using iPads in the primary classroom.  It has been a very big topic at our school.  Just today our team submitted a request for 10 iPads per classroom, to replace the classroom computers we currently have.

As I have blogged about before, my concern is making sure that any activities are enhanced by using the iPad.  They must be a tool, not a cool gadget that will make it hard to stay focused (okay, they will be a cool gadget at first).  Luckily many of our kids have iPads at home (in fact, some try to use the computer screen as a touch screen in the lab). So, I’m hoping it will be a fairly smooth transition.

While sitting on the couch at home, I have loads of great ideas as to how I’ll use iPads in the classroom.  We’ll see how these grand ideas pan out in real life.

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