Middle Grades Social Studies Web Page for Students

Middle Schoolers are wonderful. Their enthusiasm is remarkably contagious. Their appreciation for teachers who make the learning experience more than survival is worth every ounce of effort on any teachers part. My goal is to create a social studies web page that inspires my students to participate, reflect, and really think…. all while feeling like they are having fun on a “really cool” web page. This page will be evolving as I move forward but I plan to open with some ideas to put on the page.
First: A question that leaves students room to reflect as much as they are inspired to make those prompts ones that do not have a right or a wrong.
Two: Guess the place… a bit of social studies / geography. Sort of like Bing… although I might focus on whatever we are studying… something from Africa for my seventh graders…
Three: Who is moving and why? Migration picture
Four: Video? Hmmm… what would be cool? Youtube of amazing people.
Five: Cool things about life in Balikpapan (the city in Indonesia where we are located.)
Six: Sharing their work with larger community. Also, putting the results of the their responses to the web page up on the whiteboard to look at together.
Seven – for the 7/8 graders: perspectives
Eight – for the 6th graders: how the land effects people
Nine – protest picture…. a la Arab Spring



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2 Responses to Middle Grades Social Studies Web Page for Students

  1. Great idea here Linc – I would love to see how this turns out – post a link if you get it started. I wonder how this same idea could be applied to a super cool math web page … there are a hundred out there I know, but what I focused on super cool math right here in our school … ?? Hmmm… you’ve given me something to think about. Love that! Thanks.

  2. Avatar of Linc Jackson Linc Jackson says:


    I started, but have long way to go. Keep hesitating between Google sites and Blogger. The link is to a sites doc, but having lots of second thoughts.

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