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TUP PRIS Collaboration Project

This being my first year in the technology integrator / teacher role at my current school, I have spent much of the year addressing logistical and budget-based issues for the school. Affordable bandwidth was a huge concern and we worked … Continue reading

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I Want to Teach from my Heart

In the blog, There are Some People Who Don’t Wait,¬†author¬†Will Richardson, struck me with the passion and yet the patience to look at the good and the bad in education and to take the moment to celebrate those educators the … Continue reading

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Students Blog, Bully, and Tweet

Bullying has continued to be a topic of deep concern for all educators. With the increasing availability of the digital means of communicating (texting, emailing, blogging) the ability for bullying by anyone has a new and perhaps even more formidable … Continue reading

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Digital Footprints and Privacy on Facebook

This morning a friend was complaining over a cup of coffee that she was unable to get pictures of herself off of Facebook. Her frustration is representative of the flurry of negative publicity that has surrounded Facebook recently. While millions … Continue reading

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The Job Hunter’s Digital Dilemmas of Privacy and Strategy

Every new day in this digital time brings out new challenges. For many of us there are plenty of reasons to be concerned … just like the young man in this picture. Possibly a job seeker. Recently I led a … Continue reading

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