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Day 5: I <3 my iPad

One of the funny things about my #ipadchallenge has been how I been viewing my laptop.  It’s almost as if my beautiful and awesome macbook pro is “old fashioned” and “outdated” in comparison to my slick iPad (and it’s “only” an iPad 2 … not the NEW iPad!)  (yet).  Everyday I push it to the back of my desk as if in disgust … “ugh, this old thing again?”!  LOL!

You can read about the first days of this challenge and how frustrating it was to discover so quickly how many things I couldn’t do on my iPad.

These are 3 tools I’m required by my school to use, and none of them can be edited on an iPad.  So I’m labelling them as “outdated”.

I was discussing this with my tech-y friend and teaching partner and he brought up a good point … if we had a class set of iPads, or our students all had iPads, or our school passed out iPads to students and teachers … then we would build our classrooms around the use of an iPad.  It would be different, but terrific.   However, we’ve built our classrooms around the availability and use of laptops, and that’s that.  That’s how it is.  And he’s right …. the tools our school uses, and the tools I’ve set up with my classrooms …. even Edmodo, (which is one of my favorite web apps to use in the classroom, was challenging on an iPad because it doesn’t sync with dropbox, or someother way to upload files that don’t have a URL) are all in use because we use them on laptops.

But this leads me to think about what if we did have a classroom set up with iPads… what would that look like?  How would we use them?    I know there are many iPad classrooms out there, I would love to hear how they are integrating the use of this technology.

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