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Final Project Part II: Bootcamp Passport

I work with an AMAZING team of teachers.  Really – I do.  I love my team so much.  And I’m sorry if this comes across as bragging – but we are AWESOME.   Yes, all caps were necessary there to emphasize the awesomeness.  Case in point –

In our preparations for rolling out our 1 to 1 laptop program next fall (2011), we talked about many different issues.  Some of the more ‘pressing’ issues that we felt we needed immediate response were:

  1. How would we get students familiar with the RUA
  2. How could we get all students functioning digitally on the same level
  3. How will we “train” new students who come part way through the year (especially if they have limited tech experience)
  4. What do we need students to know and be able to do to be digitally functioning in our classrooms

From these discussions was born … drumroll please ……. The Bootcamp Passport ….  ta da!!

The Bootcamp Passport is a printed booklet, like a passport, filled with pages printed with QR codes.   Each QR code is linked to a tutorial that will walk the student through some procedure – whether its setting up a blog, using one of the school’s cloud printers, or connecting their computer wirelessly.  We went through and selected about 10 skills students would need to know/be able to do and we are working on creating tutorials for each of those.  The we thought about how students could show us that they had the skills and knowledge, so each tutorial has an accompanying assessment – some are simple, like actually printing something out using the printer, or taking an online quiz.   Once students have passed the assessment, they’ll get a sticker in their passport and move on to the next tutorial (the colored images you see on the pages will actually be the sticker).


how to adjust your power settings


how to set up and use google docs


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Hopefully the pictures will give you a better idea of how it’s going to work.  This is a copy that I just printed out on my home printer for “effect” – the final product will be professionally printed with a solid cover – similar to a real passport.  We plan to run a parallel bootcamp for parents.  Instead of making a blog, we’ll show them how to follow their kids blog, ect.   I shared the idea with some teachers at our school who really loved it and were really excited about the students were going to be prepared for their classes.  In addition – we started talking about the idea of creating a similar passport for teachers.  As technology becomes more and more integrated into most of what we do at our school, it would be a nice way for teachers to share what they know with others.  Right now, we’re thinking that teachers could create tutorials on their own areas of expertise – so for example, someone could show how to use diigo, or how to use social media to build a PLN, along with some of the other more basic topics that we used for the student passport – like using google docs and printing.

I think the teachers at our school are enthusiastic and excited about using technology, but they don’t always have the time, willingness, or know-how to go out and find how to do these types of things, or even that they exist.  I think it’s so important for teachers to be able to share their skills, and share what they know, and be open to learning from one another.  And schools have a responsibility to create opportunities for teachers to do so.

Does your school have a bootcamp?  What is it like?  How do you deal with kids who are new part way through the year?  I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Love this idea! Am thinking about how to adapt for our 1:1 rollout in August as well. You are superstars!

  2. This is such a cool idea. I like the way that it is a resource that can be used as it is needed and can be referred to time and time again. It’s great that you are involving the wider community in preparing the tutorials too. I wonder how your passport tutorials will expand and change over time.

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