VoiceThread with my Kiddos

This week’s essential question: Have teaching and learning changed with the introduction of new tools?

So I have checked out the iPads and have decided to use them for a project with my students.  They just finished writing realistic fiction stories.  I gave them each an iPad and they took a picture of each page of their story.  Then they uploaded the pictures to VoiceThread and they are recording their voices reading the story over the pictures.  They really like it (it is also great for fluency practice because the can hear themselves reading!).  The only problem is the tech dept. still has not gotten us headphones with microphones to record into, so I am having to send the kids out one at a time into the hallway to record because there is too much background noise otherwise.  The problem with the hallway has been that a class comes down the stairs and you can hear all the noise on the recording.  It is going to take a long time to finish them only going one at a time. I really wish I had a teacher’s aid or a tech coordinator to help!


iPad. So easy, a cat can use it.

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What is not so easy is convincing parents that the students are not just using them to play games, like fruit ninja.  SOLUTION: Parent education!

Our elementary school has just received a cart of 25 iPads.  The students love them, some teachers love them, some teachers are scared of them, and some parents don’t see the educational merit in them.  I just joined the iPads for Elementary Teachers group on COETAIL and hope to learn some awesome ways to enhance my classroom.