Course 2 Final Project: AUP for Elementary iPad Use

Currently SIS does not have an AUP for the elementary division.  Previously SIS elementary students have only had access to a checkout PC based lab.  This year the elementary began moving to an Apple platform by replacing the computer class lab with mac minis and each classroom teacher was given a MacBook Pro.  In January we received a cart of 25 ipads for classroom use.  They are currently in a cart that is available for checkout.  Next year classes will have access to 4 carts with 25 Macbook on each cart and the elementary teachers will each receive an iPad with Doceri software for classroom use.  Our middle school technology facilitator has been working on creating a school AUP that includes elementary and sent us her rough draft.  Alan and I took the rough draft from the tech facilitator, an elementary AUP that includes iPads from St. Thomas More Catholic School, and the Digital Literacy and Citizenship Curriculum for Grades K-5 from Common Sense Media and created our own AUP for iPad use.  After some discussion we decided to create a special AUP for only iPad use as that is all we currently have in the school and will be what most K, 1 and 2 students use during the next school year. We chose to create one for students, outlining their responsibilities using “I” statements, as we felt it would better resonate with them and drive home the fact that they are responsible.  We also created a document outlining the teacher and school responsibilities so parents would be aware that we hold responsibility as well.  As we were creating the document we found there were many things we need to discuss with the admin, technology committee, and staff as they have not yet been addressed or need to be readdressed:

Items for Discussion with Admin & Staff

  1. What is the policy for students bringing their own tech phones /ipads/laptops to school?  If they are allowed to, where can they safely store their iPads (elementary students do not have lockers)?  Should we provide a locked cabinet?
  2. Liability: Who is responsible if school technology is damaged? We believe parents should liable for any damage while their child uses a school owned ipad or other piece of technology equipment (currently teachers are held accountable for damaged equipment).
  3. Recess lunch/use–Currently this is not allowed, but should we create a space for tech use during these times?  Who will be in charge of supervision?
Our hope would be that this is included in the student handbook that is reviewed at the beginning of the year with all students and sent home to be discussed with and signed by the parents.  It would also be important to have the student responsibilities chart enlarged and posted when students use the iPads.  Teachers should give a quick reminder of expectations before student use.  Next year our computer lab teacher will become our elementary technology facilitator.  We hope she will be able to play an integral role in supporting teachers with the use of technology, but also helping to teach the children about the responsibilities of using technology.

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