Final Project Course 3: I love/hate/love infographics!

Like a lot of other Coetailers I thoroughly enjoyed course 3 and all the learning experiences it had to offer. For sure, this final project was one of the most time consuming. I would log on to create my CV infographic and realise that 3 hours had passed in the blink of an eye so its true that time must fly when you are having fun, or in my case, creating, tweaking, retweaking, deleting it all and starting again!

Choosing the final project

I immediately wanted to do the infographic CV because I wanted something about my job application to ‘stand out’ from the rest while at the same time giving a clear picture about who I am and what I am passionate about; ed tech. But as I am based in the Middle East I had to try and find a balance between intriguing potential employers and turning them off completely. Schools in the region have a lot of catching up to do with the rest of the world in some ways and in particular innovation on educational technology. Not all schools of course, but many.

What should I be thinking about?

I figured the best place to start was to have a nose around and see what other Coetailers had created before me. I stumbled upon Trent’s very interesting post written from a Principal’s perspective and this gave me an idea of the direction I should take with this project. One of the most important pieces of advise I took from it was

Don’t go overboard, many educators in admin didn’t grow up in the digital age.’

With these words ringing in my ears I decided to just have a look an see what other teachers had created. I looked at LOADS and there were some really awesome ones out there. Some that were just so dynamic and creative but unfortunately I knew just wouldn’t work for me when applying to schools in the region. I had to be practical about what I would actually send to a potential employer.

The ones I seem most drawn too were those that still had a somewhat traditional layout but clearly showed the author’s personality (and of course, the presentation ZEN principles!).A couple that really stood out for me were Diane’s use of colour to balance her resume and separate the sections. I just LOVED Joycelyn’s resume and had it in my mind since the first time we saw this on the cohort homepage  (in week 2, I think) that this for me was the perfect balance between graphics and content. It was so visually appealing to me and a really fresh take on a traditional CV. So, what to do? Well, everything’s a remix right so….

The Finished Product


I am  pretty happy with the final draft. It a long way from perfect but it certainly was a labour of love! It has taken more hours to put together that I would’ve liked but I think going through the whole process has made me much more confident with using infographics in my own teaching, and applying presentation Zen principles to maximize effect.

I used to think….  

infographics was the sole domain of graphic designers and while I could use one in my teaching, I would never be able to create one from scratch myself.

Now, I think….

infographics, while tedious at times, are great! They are such a valuable way to transfer ideas and get my students engaged in their learning for our next unit! And, they sure do make a CV more appealing to look at!

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3 Responses to Final Project Course 3: I love/hate/love infographics!

  1. Profile photo of Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Hi Laura,

    Your infographic turned out awesome! I share your love/hate relationship but same as you I was really happy with my end product

  2. Hey Laura,

    I enjoyed reading your post and your tips. You mention a few very important points about turning your CV into an infographic, especially the point you mention about keeping it balanced in order not to turn off potential employees.

    I have not yet started my CV, I will make sure I have a plan before I start. Have you considered Canva link to as a platform? They have many CV options as well. I wonder wish one would be easier to use..

    Thanks for sharing your tips and the resources. I will be sure to check them out further!

  3. Rebekah Madrid says:

    Lovely infographic. It’s hard work creating and designing. And I think remembering who your audience is so important. A lovely understanding of why we would create infographic for a CV and how to create one that tells your story but doesn’t freak out recruiters.

    Great work!


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