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My name is Kate Uebelherr, I live in Yangon, Myanmar. I grew up on the east coast of the United States and attended university in Oregon. After ten years in the Southwest many of them as a teacher in the public schools, I decided to pursue a career abroad. I currently work at Yangon International School, and this is my third year living in Myanmar.

I teach ES ICT and PE and find it’s a nice balance of screen time and physical activities. This is the first year I am using blogs with my students, and I hope to increase the connect with the larger world around us and practice responsible digital citizenship through sharing our ideas with each other.

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  1. I was just in Myanmar for my break last week, and I want to tell you how much I admire you for taking this tech journey there! On our whole trip, we were barely able to get online, and when we did it was slow and unreliable. We had the best internet in Yangon, but it still was far from perfect. How do you do it?

    • Avatar of kuebelherr kuebelherr says:

      Hi Sarah,
      We have seem the amount of tourists go up quite a bit since sanctions here have been relaxed. I appreciate your comment, it really is different here because the lack of Internet. I’m sure it will get better as Myanmar continues to open up. I read others’ blogs and have a difficult time relating to the very connected Internet based tools used. I’m envious of the great projects educators and students are producting with proper connectivity. I have to remind myself to look for the essential questions and goals of the technology, and implement then here in a lo tech offline way. Thanks for the kudos! It helps me keep going :)

  2. Avatar of heddenturner heddenturner says:

    Hi, I am living in Nepal. :) Funny, I often feel like our school has such a hard time with the limited band width and power outages and internet frustrations, but reading your recent blog reminded me to be grateful for what we do have. I hope you enjoyed your trip here.

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