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I teach elementary technology at International School of Myanmar. I moved here from Flagstaff, AZ where I taught 4th, 5th, and 6th grade in the states. I have spent most my time in Rhode Island, Oregon, New Mexico, and Arizona. Adjusting to living in Myanmar has grown my patience, and opened my eyes to a kind hearted people.

Flipped blog time

I have recently started using Kidblogs with my third graders at school. Using the idea of flipped classrooms I wanted to have the students use their blogs at home because we don’t have the ability to do this at school. … Continue reading

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Life beyond CoEtaIL

I’m happy to say that I have made it through the CoETaIL program. The weeks of refreshing my uploads and downloads in Yangon while slightly pull hair are in the past. I find myself feeling “out of the loop”. Now … Continue reading

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Course 5 Final Project

Around every corner of making my final project was another challenge. It seems I’m drawn to the most challenging path. I decided to continue learning new programs by using Prezi for my final project. Due to the frequent power outages … Continue reading

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I found TED-ED, a new part of the TED online community. Looking for a particular video to jumpstart a lesson, or flip your classroom? They have some big idea thought provoking videos for educators to flip their classroom. They summary … Continue reading

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Is this neighborhood like your’s?

Last week my assistants and I took the four third grades on a “field trip” to take pictures with four digital cameras to share. I needed to get field trip permission forms for all one hundred students to step outside … Continue reading

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Skitch and Evernote Staff Tech Tidbits

For the first time I gave a little presentation to my school colleagues. My principal asked me to share some tech tidbits at our monthly staff meeting. I think Tech Tidbits is kind of a catchy name. I started my … Continue reading

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Bob Thurman: We can be Buddhas (with help from the connectivity of the internet) Living in a Buddhist country I find myself surrounded by pagodas, monks, and Buddhas. The idea of interconnectivity in technology and the Buddhist religion is an … Continue reading

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What’s the Plan Stan?

I’m in the home stretch of the CoETaIL program. What the plan for the last course? This is my favorite way to learn, create it myself. I like that we have smaller groups that we are going to giving feedback … Continue reading

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Redesigning for the last Hoorah!

For my course 5 project I want to redesign my presentation unit for 3rd grade. The teacher before me had the students create PowerPoint in a template form. For example, Your Name Change Slide Design Choose a different slide design … Continue reading

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Have laptops changed education?

I wish my experience with using laptops in the classroom would be more extensive. As many times what life gives us doesn’t follow our well laid plans. When I joined International School of Myanmar (ISM) almost two years ago, I … Continue reading

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