The Mount Everest of Interests

Pinterest! A treasure chest of ideas. A virtual gold mine of sharing. A mountain of creativity.

Pinterest inspires me to be more creative and have more fun! I now have a plethora of pins across a variety of boards from cooking dishes I want to try to classroom ideas in all subject areas. Most of all, I am amazed at all the sharing people in the world who are showing imagination and inventiveness.

For the most part I am pinning what others post. However, I’ve begun to try sharing some of my own creations as well, including a play I wrote for my class this year on reading strategies and the genre of fantasy.

If you haven’t checked out Pinterest, I highly recommend it. I found the easiest way to join it is through your existing Facebook account. If you don’t want all your pins to show on Facebook, especially if you become addicted to it like I have, you can change the settings to keep your pins more private.

I now have 32 boards and 626 pins and counting! I know I can go visit these boards for fresh ideas at my fingertips!

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