Blog Buddies

by jscreationzs

As much as I am trying to incorporate technology more into my teaching, I want to give my students more opportunities to apply technology tools to motivate and enhance their learning, as well as make their school experiences fun.

This week my class became “blog buddies” with Mrs. Powell’s fourth grade in the United States. Through Twitter I connected with her when she asked for teachers to comment on her students’ posts. I responded to her tweet, and we planned to have our students exchange comments. It was a great opportunity for my class to see what other students are doing in the world and to realize there is a larger audience out there. They were impressed by the number of posts her students have, but they were also proud of the variety of work on their own blogs.

I decided to use the acronym TAGS to help my students make their comments. I had previously used TAG in grade 3 for writing partnerships. I changed the descriptors to the following:

T – Tell what liked or what you learned from the post

A – Ask a question or add a thought

G – Give another compliment or share a connection you made

S – Spell and punctuate as correctly as you can

It would be great to set up a network of “blog buddies” for students to continue to inspire one another.

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2 Responses to Blog Buddies

  1. Avatar of Laura Walter Laura Walter says:

    My first graders blogged last year and it was amazing to see how much more motivated they were to post more when they got comments from each other (as well as from grandmas/grandpas and moms/dads, etc.). In fact many of them started posting from home, not just during I.T. class. They also thought more carefully about what they were posting when they saw the high quality of work some of their peers were producing.

  2. Kathy,
    I like the idea of TAGS. Can I use it? I could post it in my lab. I think the kids have a hard time writing beneficial comments to each other. They certainly need a great deal of practice. I am thrilled that you have blog buddies outside of school. I hope it is going well. We can add a clustr map so they can see how their own PLN will grow.

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