As a Mandarin teacher, I always search for fancy tools or resources to make my teaching more fun.

QR code is one of the ways I found very interesting. Usually the students don’t really like to read or write Chinese. Now with this tool, I don’t need to force them or quiz them. They already love to type and read characters.

Recently for rewarding students’ hard work, I arranged a Chinese cooking session. Meanwhile, I assign them to create a menu code for their friends. Unluckily, most of the students don’t have iPhone3 or Android phone. So I read some related articles(How to use QR Code in one minute) and discovered Psytec QR Code Editor.

Psytec QR Code Editor is a free software that can interpret and make QR Code. I thought it was an easy solution to reading QR Code for educational purposes.

Can you read the Chinese QR Code? If you can, come to me for the prize.