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A Couple of Hyperlinks…..and Shadows & Light of the Internet

At one stage of my life I had the CD. Yet with many moves it’s no longer with me, so this evening while wrapping up my coursework and blog posts have been listening via youtube to Miserere by Italian composer Gregorio … Continue reading

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Why We Link to Others…..

Why do we hyperlink items on the web? It first depends on what it is we are posting on the web, I am thinking. If I am posting a piece of writing, composing my thought s on a particular subject … Continue reading

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A Few Words on the Collaborative Process

For the final project of this course wound up collaborating with a classmate, and our collaboration flowed very well. I believe. I’ve had quite a bit of experience collaborating these past several years. As the sole librarian in our school, such … Continue reading

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Safeguarding Private Information

After choosing Option #2 for the final project for Course 2, I  collaborated with  a classmate on this lesson sketch Importance of Safeguarding Information .  (the sketch is also embedded  below). We chose to address the issue of safeguarding private information. At … Continue reading

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Cyberbullying….What We Can & Cannot Do…

I’ve been thinking about this issue a lot lately, and struggling to find something to write that may be upbeat, positive or offer some quick remedy. Nothing comes to mind for this very real issue. It is interesting how laws … Continue reading

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What to Stress in the Copyright Issue….

Larry Lessing’s made on the Ted Talk Lawrence Lessing: re-examining the remix culture do well to outline the philosophical underpinnings of the copyright debate. A third of the way through his presentation on Ted Talks he quotes a Julian Sanchez who … Continue reading

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Various Personas

There are different dimensions of online privacy, I suppose. One aspect is the privacy of our financial information, another may be the privacy of our professional information and work. The aspect of online privacy I will focus on in this … Continue reading

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Digital Footprints….Be Aware

First thought coming to mind concerning education and digital footprint is wondering if today’s students are not more acutely aware of the ramifications of cyber social factors than some of us educators. With one of our middle school classes’, several … Continue reading

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