Here I sit on my couch on Sunday, April 10, 2011, and I start writing a blog for my technology course, but all I can think about is how lucky we all are, and that we live in a fantastic time.

Those of you that follow golf at all will know that it is Masters week and one of the biggest weeks in golf of the year.

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The tournament takes place in the United States, Augusta, Georgia, thousands of miles from my couch, which is located in Taipei, Taiwan.  I love golf, and enjoy those lazy afternoons watching golf as I nap periodically between shots (by the way I feel the same about tennis and baseball, all slow sports, but wonderful for lazy Sundays), but distance, time zones, and tv coverage have been a huge hindrance the past 12 years that I have been overseas.  NO MORE!

It’s my lucky day, my wife is allowing me to watch sports for half a day!  My i-phone 4 sings the “ESPN” intro theme song to announce that my “ESPN Streak for Cash” pick is complete, “Yes!  I won, Portland beat the Lakers, time to make another pick for tonight.”

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I finger flip through the touch screen to find a perfect choice, “What will be Tiger woods’ score on the Par 5 8th?”  I check “Any other score than par.”  And then double click to find Messages, find Chris Fox, and quickly type a smack talk message, “That makes 5 wins in a row!  Nice three loses in a row you’ve got going!”  Heheheh, sucker.  I just returned from church, and It’s early afternoon in Taipei, so I have missed the entire third round of the Masters from last night.  Or did I?

I plop down on my couch and snatch my Logitech Harmony One touch screen multi-remote from its charger.  I finger flip the screen through the devices, find “Air Conditioner” and touch it, the AC units comes to life, the room cools.  Finally I touch “Cable PVR” and the TV, wireless surround speakers, and PVR cable box come to life in precise order.  I scroll through the PVR recordings to find what I believe says 2011 Masters, in Chinese, select, and yes, it is the Masters I recorded last night.  As the familiar guitar/piano/violin Masters music starts the third round play I reach over and security thumb swipe my laptop to life.  On the desktop I use my stylus to click on “SlingPlayer”, as I recorded the Mariners last night from my DVR cable box located in my friend’s closet in Seattle.  I hope they beat the Cleveland Indians.  I find the recording in my DVR listings and begin replay.

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Golf and baseball, both playing at the same time, one on my 42 inch flat screen, the other on my laptop, what else could I ask for?  Well, I could split screen and play the replay of the Portland/Lakers NBA game, but let’s not get too crazy.  As I mentioned Golf and Baseball aren’t the quickest of games, so I might as well type a blog while I half listen and watch.  And that is exactly what I am doing.  Love it.

An hour passes by and I hear the kids and wife at the door after spending lunch with a friend’s family.  Oh-great there goes my serenity, I mean, “Hi kids, how was lunch?…Great!  How are you honey?  …Good…Golf is great, Tiger is on a birdie streak and only three strokes behind the leader.  Though the Mariners are losing…I just need another hour to finish the games and the blog…Thanks.”  I pick up the wireless headphones off the coffee table, place them on, and the thundering of my children are lost behind the golf commentators hushed comments.

I swipe my i-phone 4 back to life.  I find the “Masters” app I downloaded earlier this week, it gives me live scoring.  I want to check if I should continue to watch golf or something else.  Yes, some surprise scores, I’ll keep watching.

My lazy Sundays have returned, though perhaps lazy isn’t the correct word as my eyes, ears, and fingers are busy at work, but I can’t complain,  it’s fantastic.

Oh-wait, I need just one other thing, “Honey can you get me some lemonade?”…  …  Oops, I guess technology can’t do everything, yet?  Though I have heard of those recliners with refrigerators built into the side…