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Presentation tools

Yesterday I was planning our next assessment on Ancient Civilizations with part of my year 7 team. The objective of the assessment is for kids to create a presentation making which links one ancient civilization to our modern day society. We would like the students to do a presentation on their inquiry into this topic.

I noticed a post on 21st Century Presentation tools where they mention some new interactive presentation tools that kids can use. This was the first time I have seen Sliderocket, where you can make presentation that move, and you can embed videos, images and text. Watch the Tutorial video!

I really liked this example, on the Social Media. The second tool is called wix.com, which is more a website that the kids can create on their topics. It also seems that they can use this website to keep track of other ideas they have on their classes. The kids do not have to know web design codes in order to create a website. It is an interesting concept, where in New York they have created a wix work lounge, which is free for users who want to build websites with wix

A great tutorial video YouTube Preview Image

I am going to also show these two sites to my kids to see if they would like to try them for their presentation.

Based on the last post I made on Social booking marking, I did get my year 8 class to open up a delicious account. It was a  bit of an onerous task, but they did get the hang of it, and when they realized they can be “friends” which each other on delicious and share links they were sold on the idea.