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Ischool transformation?

I found it interesting the discussion we had in our face to face discussion yesterday, around how students could keep up with the technology that supports student learning. I found this video where the iphone is seen as a replacement for school. The student discusses the impact it would have on education.

YouTube Preview Image

There are also schools popping up under the umbrella of ischools. Their beliefs are that “The iSchools are interested in the relationship between information, people and technology. This is characterized by a commitment to learning and understanding the role of information in human endeavors.”

Interesting enough, the library faculty, from the University of Washington has put together an interesting video on how to use technolgy to help you search your ideas.

I found this interesting as often librarians are concerned with the impacts technology has on actual books, since so much information is at students finger tips. Both with search engines and online books.

There are conference being planned to discuss what the program would like to have and how “they have the power to transform lives.” This conference is going to take place in Toronto Canada.There are also links to how other universitiesĀ  are using i technology.This does not mean they are only using i pads, from what I understand.

I was surprised to see this shift in universities, but it seems my original thoughts on universities being in some ways not “with it” when it comes to technology was wrong!

I think this idea adds to the discussions we have been having in our face to face sessions about how the role of education is shifting from the teacher being the main source of information to several different forms of technology being successful at educated students on a very diverse range of topics.

Currently at our school we do have one to one lap tops, but they are not related to i pad-technology. Often I wonder if there is a lot more useĀ  to have the i pad technology since there are so many cool programs that students and teachers could use to enhance student learning.