Nov 07

Children Of God

Philippine Grandma

Philippine Grandmother


When I travel I love to take pictures of children. For me, they are evidence of God’s creative power and mercy. While making this digital story, I was able to combine two of my loves- my pictures of children all over the world and music. Combining Brian Johnson’s, “Here Is Love” with these pictures help me tell the continual story of God’s presence all over the world, through the eyes of the children.

I have decided to use this storytelling skill in my New Testament class. We are just completing a unit about salvation: what does it mean? Do we even need it? From whence does it come? How can we access it? Through the life, sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus, one story of salvation has been given to the world. I will have my students interpret this idea into a digital story for the final project.


  1. Kim Cofino

    Fantastic! How was the process of creating the video? Did creating this one help you understand the skills it takes to create a good digital story? So glad you were able to implement this idea with your students too!

  2. Avatar of Brent Fullerton
    Brent Fullerton

    What are great way to combine your passions. I think you are truly blessed to be teaching at a school that’s mission is to educate the children and guide them spiritually. What a treasure!

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