Mar 23

Mind Filters

I’ve already recognized that my style of learning that I honed over 18 years of traditional education is frustrating me as a 21st century learner. I used to be able to sit in a classroom and track everything that was said. When I couldn’t, my hand went up and I asked for clarification. However, in this new setting, there is vocabulary used in such a rapid pace that I feel lost half of the time. What’s more, it seems counterproductive to actually ask for clarification, because if I just try it on my own, there’s a chance that I’ll actually teach myself how to accomplish the task.

I have to develop new “mind filters”; be able to accept certain information, quickly distinguish its importance, discriminate which to keep and discard, and then apply that information even more quickly than I could learn how to spell in elementary school.

I also need to be able to listen to instructions, write a blog, process new thoughts without being distracted by the incredible learning and sharing that going on next to me. Aack! This must be what my father feels like at our family dinner table!


  1. Avatar of Sarah Browne
    Sarah Browne

    I think many of us feel like this at times but we need to just take one step at a time and learn to ‘play’. We can take in some of what is said but not all. The great thing of course is that there are so many enthusiasts out there who always seem willing to share, including of course our students, so all we have to do is ask or just have a go.

  2. Kim Cofino

    I love your phrasing of “mind filters” – filtering is such a huge part of learning today in our overly saturated world. Learning how to implement effective filters (whether within your own mind, or through a network of learners) is becoming more and more critical. It will be interesting to see if you see your students doing the same things too..

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