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Apr 28

Making The Music for Film Matter

I can’t believe it is finished!  Two years of technology explorations and there is still so much to learn. Some of the highlights of the COETAIL program for me  include: I have been pushed  to think and explore beyond my comfort level in technology.  Habits of Technology – I actually enjoy  pushing myself with technology. Independence …

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Oct 01

Practice Makes….Portfolios

OLD Practice Rubric by Jennifer Anderson

I’m sure you all know it, you all hated it and many of you even lied over it…..the dreaded PRACTICE RECORD.  You likely heard your music teachers try to explain its purpose, telling you that practice makes perfect, but actually perhaps those music teachers were the ones that were not completely being honest the importance …

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Sep 24

Flipping Out in Band Class!

Although I have found innumerable posts on flipped classrooms in almost every other imaginable subject area, I have yet to find a single one on flipping a band class.   I was very excited to find Clintondale High School, an entirely flipped highschool in Michigan and thought for sure this would present me with my flipped …

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Apr 22

What Words Won’t Express

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.  ~Victor Hugo Musicians take pride in the fact that music expresses far more than what words could ever do.  So what happens when you try to teach music and you need to put into words all the affects and …

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Apr 22

Want to Own an Island?

Isle of Tune

Sadly most of us will likely never be ever to own an island, but thanks to a great free, no sign-up required website, Isle of Tune anyone who can’t afford to buy their own island will now at least be able to build one.  At first glance one might presume Isle of Tune to be …

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Apr 11

Listening With Your Eyes!

 As a music teacher I am always concerned about listening.  Especially for musicians, listening to sound is very different than hearing sound.  Listening involves thinking, processing, evaluating, understanding and engaging with the music that is being played.  But in the world we live today, do students really engage in the music they hear?  Students …

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Mar 27

Pi Fight!

You tube copyright

I’ve always enjoyed taking advantage of the sensible opportunities to integrate music with other disciplines.  Having studied mathematics in university I was especially excited to celebrate Pi Day with some of my music students this year.  We had been working on an extensive composition project involving twelve tone music and thanks to the engaging video …

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Dec 14

iBand with iPads, iPhones and iWANT!

Tis’ the season for thinking about cool techie gifts and gadgets and upon watching the cool new video North Point’s iBand, I have even greater visions of iPads and iPhones prancing through my head. Amazing…how could anyone not want an iPad or iPhone after watching North Point Community Church’s performance.  When I showed the video …

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Dec 10

A Sharing Culture in Music?

Participatory Culture

The sharing culture that motivates Creative Commons is one that I find easy to jump on board with.  I love the fact that our world is changing and becoming a more collaborative, creative, expressive free place and believe that this movement will help positively change our society and the world that we live in.   Having …

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Dec 09

MS Virtual Ensembles – They Did It!

Well the performances are done, the students did the work and I have to admit I’m rather proud of the results.    Here are  a couple of the final products, hopefully for your listening pleasure. Flute Quartet Mixed Quartet The project took a little bit of time to set up but it was well worth the …

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