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Apr 28

Making The Music for Film Matter

I can’t believe it is finished!  Two years of technology explorations and there is still so much to learn. Some of the highlights of the COETAIL program for me  include: I have been pushed  to think and explore beyond my comfort level in technology.  Habits of Technology – I actually enjoy  pushing myself with technology. Independence …

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Oct 01

Practice Makes….Portfolios

OLD Practice Rubric by Jennifer Anderson

I’m sure you all know it, you all hated it and many of you even lied over it…..the dreaded PRACTICE RECORD.  You likely heard your music teachers try to explain its purpose, telling you that practice makes perfect, but actually perhaps those music teachers were the ones that were not completely being honest the importance …

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Sep 30

The Incident Involving Flipping Flops!

Please accept my apologies – this post is a little jumpy…BUT…let me start with classroom management.  I feel fortunate to report that after teaching for almost 20 years – my worst classroom management experience remains very clear, not a lot of events but that one something that continues to shape and haunt me as a …

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Sep 25

Into the Looking Glass with Purpose


Social media and the internet have provided people with greater abilities to connect.  As pointed out in Eli Pariser’s , Beware Online “Filter Bubbles” Ted Talks some of the topics of these connections may be quite trivial, but as proven in the recent uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa,  some of the topics …

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Sep 24

Flipping Out in Band Class!

Although I have found innumerable posts on flipped classrooms in almost every other imaginable subject area, I have yet to find a single one on flipping a band class.   I was very excited to find Clintondale High School, an entirely flipped highschool in Michigan and thought for sure this would present me with my flipped …

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Sep 12

A Disappearing Act for Technology

  “10,000 hours to master anything” – that’s according to Malcolm Gladwell anyway!  While many have plenty to say about the exact number of hours it takes to master something, the 10,000 hour rule does make me think about the number of hours I have spent practicing –  practicing music, scuba diving, and even technology. …

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