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Mar 27

Pi Fight!

You tube copyright

I’ve always enjoyed taking advantage of the sensible opportunities to integrate music with other disciplines.  Having studied mathematics in university I was especially excited to celebrate Pi Day with some of my music students this year.  We had been working on an extensive composition project involving twelve tone music and thanks to the engaging video …

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Dec 14

iBand with iPads, iPhones and iWANT!

Tis’ the season for thinking about cool techie gifts and gadgets and upon watching the cool new video North Point’s iBand, I have even greater visions of iPads and iPhones prancing through my head. Amazing…how could anyone not want an iPad or iPhone after watching North Point Community Church’s performance.  When I showed the video …

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Dec 10

A Sharing Culture in Music?

Participatory Culture

The sharing culture that motivates Creative Commons is one that I find easy to jump on board with.  I love the fact that our world is changing and becoming a more collaborative, creative, expressive free place and believe that this movement will help positively change our society and the world that we live in.   Having …

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Dec 09

MS Virtual Ensembles – They Did It!

Well the performances are done, the students did the work and I have to admit I’m rather proud of the results.    Here are  a couple of the final products, hopefully for your listening pleasure. Flute Quartet Mixed Quartet The project took a little bit of time to set up but it was well worth the …

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Dec 05

Privacy on Sesame Street?

A colleague and I often joke that we live on Sesame Street.  In my job as a music teacher, I am on the stage frequently and seen by a lot of our community.  They know me, but I don’t always know them and often they are “the people that you meet when you’re walking down …

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Dec 04

AUP’s – Acceptable, Unacceptable & Finding Our Way

What seemed a not so complicated task of reconsidering our Middle School’s Acceptable Use Policy, actually brought on some interesting conversations regarding clarity, purpose and intent of this important document.  Having spent time searching, reading and debating about all matters AUP, I continue to ponder the issues we discussed and am particularly stricken by the …

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