Monthly Archive: September 2010

Sep 27

Facebook, Liking & Blogging


Many of us were trying to figure this one out and finally some answers, but actually more questions.  I wish that I could say that I solved this mystery on purpose, but like many of my tech discoveries, this was yet another accident.    At last…I know how to like someone else’s blog post…but the trouble …

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Sep 25

Geeking Out in Music Class

Richard in Band Camp

  It used to be that geeking out in music class meant that there would be a group of students who just wouldn’t seem to ever leave the music wing of the school.  They were the students who were constantly playing extra music, joining band camp, scheduling extra practice sessions and listening to other types …

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Sep 20

Doing Old Things in New Ways – Strikes Chords for Music Education

NC - At the Sound of the Trumpet

      After a lot of thinking, finally something for public viewing, an introduction of sorts and a, this is where I’m coming from.  Please be patient…there is a point to all of this at the end! I knew since 4th grade that music was going to be my profession and I knew by 8th grade …

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