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With our focus on developing student writing skills, we did not want to reinvent the wheel for this final project; we wanted to simply “pimp” the wheel up a bit.  Using Google Apps, we streamlined the writing process, which allows students to collaborate seamlessly with each other and their teachers.  Most importantly, this project provided an authentic, collaborative learning experience for the students while focusing on the learning goal – good writing.

Here’s the project: Memories are Important, Expository Writing Project

Overall, this class provided me the motivation- wait, hit the brakes AND rewind! Since I scratched a check for $950, this course (and my wife) forced me to delve into the technology and reflect upon how I used it personally and professionally.  More importantly, it put me in a learning environment outside my comfort level.  You the one – the outside the box idea that teachers constantly ask students to gravitate towards.  Well, this course, thankfully, provided the same opportunity for me.  Being a person/teacher interested in using tech in my classroom, I was able to find and explore the “super highway” in a meaningful manner.  More precisely, I was to finally able to abandon my leisurely drive in the country and explore global communities “ELSEWHERE“.  I’m looking forward to the European “autobahn” for my next adventure.