YouTube Preview ImageDigital Citizenship – we are all responsible for ensuring our students are conscientious, ethical users of technology.  Even further, students should hold themselves accountable to the standards and expectations established for them.  With much independence comes much responsibility – this is the philosophy I believe and practice in my classroom.  As our 21st century learners gather new strategies and tools, there is an enormous amount of trust we must bestow upon them as they hang out, mess around or geek out.  However, the key is guaranteeing that we, the adults (teachers and parents) provide continuous input/guidance which promotes the use of technology effectively and productively. Currently, our school is moving toward the development and implementation of “Character Education” in our curriculum – digital citizenship is an integral component if we are to achieve true success.  Since we are a “one to one” school, students must be able to handle the responsibilities that come with 21st century tools. Understanding their {students} responsibility within an environment where teachers are the role models will further the cause, but not ensure us the goals are met.