Course 5

ePortfolios – Reflection Process



What’s the Purpose?


Many portfolio initiatives in schools stem from Student-Led Conferences. The Student-Led Conference, or conference format in which the student and student learning is the center of the conference, have gained momentum in the last decade and usually include a portfolio of learning.                                                           Jeff UtechtBlogs as Web-Based Portfolios

As part of a middle school “e-Portfolio” committee, I have been extremely eager to get to work and help determine what the best format to use is going to be.  Like numerous other 1:1 schools, the motivation for this transition is quite simple:  How can we move our Student Lead Conferences (SLCs) into the digital age?   More precisely, since we are transitioning to a full 1:1 Mac laptop school, how can we digitize the archaic 3-ring binders?   To my surprise, this question is not so easily answered. Or is it?  There are those who believe students cannot truly articulate their “learning” using a digital format.  While others have negative opinions about the digital portfolio because they’ve experienced bad results from prior attempts.  Now, while all of these perspectives are valid and concerns real, we are still charged with the task of choosing a format which meets all of our needs.  This is where the conversation and the focus needs to shift from what will we use to what is our purpose?  With so many options available, a consensus must be reached before the technology changes and provides us with even more options.

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