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I am currently living and working in Jakarta, Indonesia with my beautiful wife, Alli.  I have been teaching internationally for 13 years and love it!


  • Naomi Mes (3 years)

    I googled “coetail” and your site came up. I was impressed by your posts as they are exactly the topics I tackle daily and wonder if I am doing the right thing.

    I teach Modern Language at HS/MS International School Manila and just finished a Technology integration course for the SUNY master of science in education. What you wrote are things we learned and exchanged ideas about and are trying to implement in our classroom.

    I look forward to your blog posts!


    • Avatar of jeffreys
      jeffreys (3 years)

      Thanks for your kind words. Ironically, I’m completing the IT certificate program through SUNY as well. Additionally, I teach at another IASAS school, Jakarta International School, which is currently in the infancy stage of implementing a one to one program. After teaching at the Taipei American School for seven years, which has been a laptop school for a while, technology has made me rethink my pedagogy and the way students learn. It is all very exciting! Regardless, good luck with your MA program and enjoy Manila.

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