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During Week 2 of Course 2, I began researching and reading articles regarding Online Privacy.   I came across many, as you can imagine.  It took me awhile to get my head wrapped around everything, but  I found one article particularly interesting. It was written about a year ago on this topic and one statement in the article caught my attention.

1) “Personal Privacy is no longer an individual thing.”  I am beginning to realize how true this is.  I look at the social networks I am involved with and I am no longer the only person in control of what is being seen by others about me.  Just this past weekend, while coaching a HS track meet, a picture of me was taken and was posted, with my name attached to it, on Facebook without my permission.  Now this picture was harmless, but I had no control over it being posted.  The funny thing was I found out about it through another friend who had seen it.  I did end up hunting down the picture just to see it, and it was truly harmless, but then again here is an example of my photo being out there for all to see and I had no control over that.

A second article I read had some interesting statistics that could rattle you a bit before you got to the actual article/information at the bottom.  However, it did give me the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about the new 2012 Google Privacy Policy.  It was interesting to read that even though this new policy does not allow the search engine to collect more information than before, it does allow Google to do more with that information.  There are  ways around this, but as the article also mentioned, the privacy setting for many sites are well hidden and difficult to manage.  I know I spent some time making sure my Facebook page was hidden to the public, and only accessible to my friends….but then again is it?  When will websites, search engines, and etc. begin advertising their privacy settings instead of making it so difficult for us?  I would rather see this type of advertising than the many different advertisements that line the right side of a particular webpage/website.

Online privacy hasn’t been easy up to this point, and after reading many articles this past week, my conclusion is that it’s only going to get harder.  I’m just hoping we can find a solution before things seem to get out of hand….our hands, that is.