Course 2 Final Project


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Overall thoughts about the project:

   I really enjoyed working on the AUP project for many reasons:

1. I had the opportunity to work with colleagues from other grade levels (Grant Rolls, 3rd grade teacher and Dan Stevens, 5th Grade teacher )

2.  Researching other schools AUP policies gave me a better understanding of the importance of this policy and a look at the various  forms it can come in.

3.  It was great to work on something that could eventually be put to use at our school…the project was meaningful and purposeful.

Background information:

I worked with two other teachers from my school to develop a K-3 AUP.  We began the project by taking a look at what our 5th grade teachers had developed this year.   Their AUP is tailored more towards the 1:1 program so we knew from the start that we were going to have to change the wording to fit more of our K-3 needs, plus the language of the AUP needed to be K-3 friendly.  We kept the four BIG headings (Respectful, Safe, Responsible, and Honest) that 5th grade had developed because we wanted the policy to be consistent.  However, we did change the definitions under each heading in order for students, as young as five, to be able to understand.  After changing the definitions, we also decided that students need examples or prompts to help them understand whether or not they are following the “rules.”  This lead us to develop 2-3 prompts under each heading for the students to ask themselves when using the Internet, programs, etc.  Again, we wrote these in very kid-friendly language so even the youngest students at our school could use and understand them.  As we wrote these definitions and prompts, we also knew they would lead to further discussions within the classroom.

Luckily I was able to work with Dan Stevens, a fifth grade teacher at ASIJ.  He provided us with vertical alignment and issues that he saw throughout this year while piloting 1:1 with iPads and MacBooks.  Also, Dan was willing to have his students create iMovies that expressed examples of each of the BIG Four to better help the younger kids understand what was expected of them.  We did have to make sure the iMovies didn’t focus on the use of email because our Grade 5 is the only grade at the moment using email accounts.  We wanted the focus to be more on online identity.  Before deciding to have the 5th grade students create videos, we searched for possible videos clips online to aid with understanding.  We did find a few, but the majority of the clips we found started off at a level the K-3 students could understand, but quickly jumped up several levels, and we knew the students would easily become overwhelmed with all the information being flashed at them.

How will we share this with students?

We brainstormed several ideas:

1.  Add it to our curriculum links on our school website after administration approval

2.  Share as part of instructional technology in our classrooms

3.  Share with colleagues during PD days so they can use it within their classrooms

4. Posters around our ES building

Before any sharing can begin, we will need the approval from our administrators. Our goal is that we would like to see this become a part of our classroom program like our Student Learning Outcomes.

Please see below the AUP Grant, Dan, and I created for grades K-3 with the help of the 5th Grade AUP already in place.

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