Copyright…take the quiz!

I began searching the Internet looking for a kid-friendly definition of “copyright” so I could discuss this with my second graders.  I found the following one to be best suited for this age level:

“Copyright is a law that gives you ownership over the things you create.”

My second graders have a pretty good sense of what “ownership” and “create” mean, so I took it a step further and asked them about their thoughts on what a” law” is.  After our wonderful discussion, we found there were some misconceptions and accurate knowledge on this topic amongst the sixteen of us, including me.  This discussion raised some interesting questions and led me to do even more research on the topic of copyright. 

While searching for more information, I came across this quiz.  I took the quiz first before reading the article by Hall Davidson, and Ididn’t pass with flying colors like I was hoping.  I then read the article and took the quiz over….much better results.  I highly recommend taking this quiz to test your knowledge.  Good luck!

Between my students’ questions, the quiz, and the articles I have read, I now feel like I have a better understanding and respect for copyright, and can now pass that onto my students….and my colleagues. 


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