Big Marker and Photography Fantasies

I spent a couple of pleasant hours (seriously) yesterday afternoon catching up at the CoETaIL site.  Let me say how much I appreciate the Big Marker sessions.  Thank you brave cohort members who put yourselves up there to be asked what recent reading about technology is burning in your mind.  Frankly, I am finding is a struggle at the moment to want to be stimulated by my reading and it was nice for me to listen to you talk.  That in itself primed the pump in my head and got me thinking about these issues again.  That makes me realize that in the age of digital learning, there is still definitely a need for collective, human conversations.  Jeff identified some of you as participants and some as lurkers.  I don’t know what you call a person lurking behind a lurker, but that is me and I’m just happy to be there.

I have been working on an AUP with Gwen Martin and Kristi Lonheim.  Going from What’s an AUP? to creating a document that I wouldn’t mind sharing with my colleagues, parents, or children is a good thing and I’m glad the project brought me that far.  From the Big Marker discussion, however, I am seeing a much larger application of these agreements.  I am moving toward taking a 7th grade humanities teaching position next year and, hopefully, a blogging platform.  Yesterday, I got a vision for creating mini-lessons on digital citizenship and doing some horizontal planning in the MS around common agreements and language we want to live by.  I’ve got a full-day curriculum planning day coming up next week for the MS humanities curriculum and I’ve got a little fire in my belly now to start this conversation with my co-teachers.  I am heading right now to Kim Cofino’s blog to see what she has been working on with her colleagues, lately.

What else inspired me?  The two additional CoETaIL instructors, Clint Hamada and Brandon Hoover.  I’m sure they will both have interesting points of view to contribute.  Additionally, Brandon’s photographs blew me away.  How is he capturing that sort of color and clarity?  I am dying to take my photography skills to a new level and in Course 3, I intend to ask some pointed questions.  Mark my word.  As it was on our CoETaIL site I gave myself permission to take a look at a few pieces of equipment I might need to purchase this summer in order to be prepared for my Course 3 learning.

5D Mark II Body
Image, courtesy of
There was this with macro and wide angle lenses to boot.  It was a fun fantasy, but as usual, when I get home this summer, there will be children to clothe and feed, a farm on an island that is actively trying to revert to undeveloped land, and trips we will need to finance.  This snazzy photography kit might need to wait.  Some more.

5 thoughts on “Big Marker and Photography Fantasies

  1. Glad you got caught up. Ah, wouldn’t the 5D Mark II be fabulous? Too many trips I don’t want to give up will keep me happy for the one one I have. I am with you in looking ahead to a new curriculum in M.S. next year and how all these things we are learning could best be incorporated.

  2. Good thinking for getting the jump on next year. Starting the year with a focus on Digital Citizenship will set the tone for the year. In our meeting this morning, we talked about the possibility of having just that very thing be a school wide focus, with the librarians and tech teachers working with students, parents, and teachers. Copyright issues, citations, being responsible role models for our students will be necessary for success.

    My camera is dying. I might NEED to look for a new one this summer. As long as I don’t need a new water heater or to remove too many trees from the yard.

  3. Glad that you liked the BigMarker sessions. A lurker of a lurker is a….um…..lurker. :)

    @brandonhoover is an amazing photographer. I can’t wait for course 3 either as I always learn something. I’d also message him if you want to know what equipment to buy. He loves spending other peoples money as well. :)

  4. @jutecht and @jbredy Thanks for the comments. :) I appreciate your kind words. Julie – if you need any camera advice please don’t hesitate to contact me. As Jeff mentioned, I definitely enjoy sharing my passion for all aspects of photography and the arts.

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