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Creating an AUP was a valuable process to go through. I was lucky to have 2 other coetailers at my school.  The first thing that we decided to do, was to work on the area of the AUP in the division that we teach.  Karen Robb and I both work in the elementary division, so we worked on the PK to Grade 2 and Grade 3-5 AUP’s.  Christina Botbyl completed the middle/high school AUP, check out her blog to see the great work she did on this.

Karen and I began by talking with our technology specialist and getting a copy of our current AUP for elementary, which we all decided with the 1:1 iPad initiative starting next fall would need to be updated and made more accessible to teachers in the school.  We then read AUP’s from other schools and decided on a few criteria to follow when creating our school’s PreK to Grade 2 and Grade 3-5 AUP’s:

1.     We like the positive statements and would try to make as many statements as possible “I will” statements. 

2.    We wanted clear, concise rules that could easily be understood by students, parents and teachers. 

3.    We want students to be accountable to the rules, so we included a signature section for students and parents to ensure the rules have been discussed at home.

These rules will need to be posted in every classroom, the library and other areas where technology will be used.  It will up to each teacher to teach each rule thoroughly and reinforce them many times throughout the school year.  The PreK-Grade2 and Grade 3-5 AUP’s are quite similar, but we changed the language in the Grade 3-5 AUP in a couple areas as older students learn about copyright laws and how to give credit when using pictures and information from the internet. 

As we are moving to a 1:1 iPad school, we have integration specialists joining our elementary division next year to help in this implementation process.  With the completion of this assignment, we have begun the process of creating the PreK – Grade 2 and Grade 3-5 AUP’s, but it is our intention to get the input of more staff and our integration specialists when they arrive in the fall, so they can add their expertise before these AUP’s are officially put in place.

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