Privacy Online??

A few years ago we were traveling in Beijing and left our camera in a taxi.  It was close to the end of our trip, so we had many pictures of our family hiking on the Great Wall, shopping in the markets, and hanging out in Beijing.  We also still had Halloween pictures on the camera and other family random shots.  Of course we never recovered our camera and although our family is quite calm, it bothered me a bit at the time that someone has part of our history and could do whatever they wanted with our photos.  Did these photos get erased?  Shared with others? Put on the internet?… (I should mention that we had two cameras with us, so we still have some great shots of our visit to The Great Wall.. thankfully!).

I’ve never really been too concerned about my privacy on line.  But this course has really made me think more about the privacy issue.  I’m still not really worried about myself as much as I am about my children and students.  I don’t think there is such a thing as privacy online.  Many children have phones with cameras and video cameras in them and although phones aren’t always allowed at school, we know they are at school.  I worry about cyber bullying for our students.  The article by John Brownlee’s which discussed the app “Girls Around Me” was eye opening. It is a good teaching tool to show our older students and children that they need to be aware apps like this are available and I’m sure more are on the way.  We need to educate our students so they are aware of their lack of privacy online.  We need to teach students to read the fine print  and carefully research privacy settings for online use.

So as we read about in past weeks, it is up to us to ensure we have positive digital footprints.  We need to be proactive and be known online to future employers and associates.  As Jeff mentioned in his blog post, Let Your Presence Be Known ,

 “There is not only power in the knowledge, but there is also power of the presence. Get social, get connected, and let your presence be known!”

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