Course 2 Final Project

This final project is a cross-grade level collaboration between a fourth grade teacher, Cheryl Terry, and me (in kindergarten). Our librarian, Tara Ethridge, and tech coach, Chrissy Hellyer, were instrumental in our conception of using GoAnimate for our project. Cheryl and I were able to play around on GoAnimate alongside Tara and Chrissy.

The Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) in our two respective grade levels are drastically different in format and language. Even at our grade level, some of the ten AUPs are beyond the scope of a kindergarten life at school. I focused mainly on the first five, with a special focus on the first AUP due to the frequency of use and application.

I introduced the project to my students by showing them the AUP that each had signed with their parent(s) earlier in August. Most had no idea what they had signed. Using the Smartboard and a document camera, I read the 10 AUPs to them and focused their attention on the first one which states:

“I will use the computer and other electronic equipment (cameras, microphones, headphones, Smartboards, etc.) carefully.”

As a class, we defined what electronic equipment kindergartners used and made a list and places we would find each (ex: computers in class and in the Tech Zone in the library). My assistant and I modeled a short skit on what a conversation between us would sound like to show how to use a camera. We practiced this skit 3 times and were now ready to film using the video feature on a camera.

Students partnered up and were given the task of choosing an electronic equipment and deciding what they would show that would exhibit respect and responsibility towards it.

Here is a sampling of some of their ideas:
*How to share a camera/iPad
*How to take a picture with a camera
*How to turn on/off the iPad
*How to orientate the SmartBoard

Once the pairs were ready to film, they presented their skit to an adult for recording.

The plan is once we have finished all the video skits, I will upload them to the 4th grade class’ YouTube account in order for them to preview before meeting with us. The goal for the 4th graders is to think of how they can sketch out the skit using a 10-frame Storyboard and be ready to work with the kindergartners on transcribing and if necessary, teasing out parts that need more conversation.

In the second visit, the 4th graders will demonstrate GoAnimate and help Kinders to choose characters and setting to reenact their skits. They will use the transcriptions of what the kindergartners said in the skit as the characters’ dialogue.

In the third visit, we will celebrate and view the videos that were created. How+to+use+a+camera by jaclynnm

Like it? Create your own at It’s free and fun!

For more information about the UbD for the 4th graders, please check out Cheryl Terry’s blog,

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