Course 1 really has stretched my comforts with technology. Learning to blog (inserting pictures, linking, embedding), adding an RSS reader, reading blogs on a regular basis, following fellow colleagues on their blogs, etc. have put me on the edge of my comfort zone. It’s a good place for learning. Some of the old mixed with some new things. I’ve dabbled, did old things old ways and new ways, and am in the process of learning to do new things in new ways.

There are still a zillion things I don’t know. As with a putting together a puzzle, I have a good framework now and look forward to filling in the pieces. One of the questions I still have is finding the balance in my professional and personal life to make it a habit to blog and read blogs (not just for this course). Also I question how my students’ lives can be more balanced with technology (i.e. gaming systems). The “Growing Pains” I have felt have stretched me structurally as in growing bones do and made me a better teacher and in turn my students will benefit from my learning and will pay it forward. My brain muscles have also done a bit of exercise and feel that good sore feeling from the mental workout.

I am excited about the final project and the progress made. This course made me review how to authentically embed technology into what we learn in class and also what technology kindergartners can use. I am inspired by all the blogs I’ve read so far. Now, it’s a matter of time and energy to change the existing curriculum to reflect Web 2.0 learning and teaching, at least until we can better plan for Edutopia in the 22nd century!

One thought on “Reflections

  1. Good for you! I’m just finishing up my final course, and I applaud your enthusiasm and willingness to go through the ‘growing pains’ needed to knowledge gains as well as paradigm shifts.

    I’ll keep checking in to see how you’re growing. Good luck!

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