Growing Pains

The origin of this blog site name is as stated “Growing Pains”. There are and definitely will be more growing pains as I navigate through different media and tech innovations. This weekend, I picked up my new iPhone 4s. I am still learning on the iPad and here is another device to get to know and learn. I am totally committed to the ideal of keeping up with technology and the world. It’s just a bit tricky balancing work and play. Hope you will share any ideas on how to make this balance work within a 24-hour day!

4 thoughts on “Growing Pains

  1. The idea of balance is always hard, Jac. Let’s hope that through this course we can come to an understanding of how to integrate technology more effectively in the classroom and maintain balance within our programs and in our own personal lives too.

  2. Totally agree with you Cheryl and Jac. Its seems like just as I figure one thing out there are 10 more to figure out. How do we find a balance? It sure is a change in thinking that we have to embrace and yet watching young ones navigate so successfully through the multitude of digital devices shows one just how second nature it can be. Here’s to learning together!

    • Thank you Aroma! I just checked out your link and loved it! There is so much to read and connect with on the site. Thanks for thinking of me and passing this on.

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