Course 2 Final Project: AUP

Tracking down the acceptable use policy at my school was made a little more challenging  with there being a few different documents out there. Getting digital copies required a few more emails being sent out. The student planner seemed to have the most detailed version. Then there was the digital citizenship document students are required to sign in one section of the school. There were also posters that were placed in one section of the school which highlighted various parts of the AUP. All seemed to have good intentions but a more streamlined approach seemed to be required and a place created that all these documents could be found digitally also seemed to be a need. Our team met a couple of times formally to share what we had gathered and to map a plan of action on how we should modify and add to these documents. A few more informal discussions took place both offline and online as we reflected on, modified and added to the AUP. The result being more social networking components being added, and a more streamlined version being created, getting rid of some of the duplication. We have created a google document so teachers can now have a one stop place to access the AUP. Teachers will be able to access digital versions so they can create their own custom made AUP posters for their own classrooms.

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