Thoughts on Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is a serious issue. As the School heads called parents in cyberbully case shows, it is a difficult issue to deal with and more so when things are taking place off campus. Students will sometimes act impulsively and even when they realize their mistake they may not be able to fix it quickly. The article stated that the offending students had a difficult time removing the content once they were found out. Spending time teaching kids to be digital citizens  and encouraging them to become the creators of knowledge and not using these digital tools to simply consume information will go a long ways in teaching kids how to be constructive rather than destructive in their use of these tools. Some digital tools are worse than others. Banning texting for children until they go to university would be an idea I might consider and get behind. I think that would help solve some issues and may also save lives. My learning on this issue would lead me to a strategy of coming up with better ways to educate students on cyberbullying that students can relate to in a more real way. This is not an easy task and needs much more thought and work. I also believe there needs to be more enforcement techniques employed by both teachers and parents. This two pronged approach seems to be the appropriate course of action.

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