Let’s get this party started!

Hi folks, I’m looking forward to the courses and learning and sharing with you all. I’ll start out by saying I really enjoyed the resources I have watched and read so far.

“Learning well with others” I found myself thinking about how collaboration is changing and students and teachers will need to develop new skills in evaluating collaborators to ascertain quickly what role they can play in our growth. At the same time we have to be more open to sharing our own work publicly. This can be difficult initially as old habits can die hard but the good news is a new habit can be started just by taking that first step.

The article on “Disrupting Class: Student-Centric Education is the future” had me thinking back to some of the work I did at what I’ll call my first real professional career related type of job. This was back in the middle to late nineties. I was working in a newly established educational center for communication technologies at the University of New Brunswick. I had just recently graduated from here with my second degree in education. At the center which was located in the faculty of education, we developed what was then one of the first online university courses offered for credit in Canada. We used web pages combined with listservs and a web based forum called Webboard – much less integrated then today’s tools! This was an education course offered to teachers located in areas where they couldn’t travel to the university to take a face to face course. This really was a situation where a “disruptive transformation took place, “where the alternative is no class at all”.

“The Digital Youth Project” had me thinking about my own students and realizing that they do seem more willing to learn from peers than adults. I see this everyday and to understand it and harness it would allow me to be more effective inside the classroom and out. I agree schools should look more at thinking about “education as a process of guiding kinds’ participation in public life” and I like how they have created a broader classification of this public life. I think technology can make it easier to make these linkages in the classroom. It opens up new worlds, new perspectives and new opportunities to engage with others. Whether that’s innovative ways to introduce more role models or being able to better reach people who have similar interests and who we can collaborate with.

Certainly lots of insights and ideas I will continue to digest!  

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