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F.O.M.O the final project

I have it. To a certain extent I want my students to have it. Fear. Of. Missing. Out. I don’t want anyone to miss out. On anything. Whilst that can be used in a multitude of different aspects of school … Continue reading

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Visual Overload

It really is amazing what happens when the class task is “make a movie”. I have to admit that I have attempted to do the same with slightly more guidance but make a movie nonetheless. I based my task on … Continue reading

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Testing the global waters

Following on from my powerful images lesson our resident presentation expert Jago Gazendam suggested that I put together a Flickr group to start sharing and collaborating on images that can help present difficult definitions in a clear way. So at … Continue reading

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One World. Many Images

One of the activities that we have been working on during this course is the idea of Presentation Zen. Incorporating powerful images to explain or assist in the understanding of a particular concept. As with everything we are doing the … Continue reading

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AUP should be acceptable use PROGRAM

The assignment for course 2 was to review the schools acceptable use policy. On paper a relatively easy assignment, except it wasn’t. Like all things blog this was hard. We divided the different sections of the AUP amongst us and … Continue reading

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