My name is Jason Reilly. I am a Secondary Science teacher that specialises in the Middle Years. I have been teaching internationally for close to ten years. Since my first school in Australia I have been loaned a laptop for use in the classroom. I have to admit, embarrassingly, that I have only just started to use the technology available at my fingertips with any effectiveness in the last three months!
Ultimately I am hoping to use this blog as a reflective tool, to share successes and failures and to glean as many tools for my teaching toolbox as I can find.

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  1. Avatar of Aroma Pannu Aroma Pannu says:

    It seems like you are at the end of your COETAIL course work…I am just starting. I came across your blog and wanted to share that (among other reflections that you have posted) your choice of photos and videos is very effective. I did read some of your posts (and plan to come back to read more) but for now I wanted to say that I enjoyed taking a look around your blog. Thanks for sharing.

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