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Course Three

The Story of Power

For the final project for the visual literacy class, we were tasked with creating a digital story. This should have come easy to me, but a great idea seemed to elude me. My class already does digital stories, though I want to improve some things when teaching them this skill next year. I wanted to create a worthwhile project that I could actually use; this is easier than it sounds with an already packed curriculum. Inspiration finally hit and I think I have created something worthwhile.

Task Sheet

Digital Story Treatment and Outline

COETAIL Course Three

It’s Pronounced Peh-cha Koo-Cha

Funny name. Serious presentation style. (schlotzskys)

I don’t know that I would ever use Pecha Kucha to present to students, but I would and already have asked students to do so. By doing one myself, I realized how valuable it is terms of selecting images with a purpose and preparing a talk.

Last week, I asked students to select one image that represented their thinking on the subject we had been studying (terrorism). The students put the image into a Google Presentation that I shared with all of them. Then, the slides were set to a 30 second timer. As soon as one kid finished, the next kid stood up, began speaking and walked to the front of the room. A cool thing to come out of this was getting kids to speak from different parts of the room and not talking to the screen. The kids were really proud of themselves and gave themselves a genuine round of applause at the end.

Fun and meaningful. Jason’s and my presentation for class on the NETS standards is below.

COETAIL Course Two -EDC 601

More Copyright! This time for kids.

At the start of the start of this course, I never would have thought that copyright would have been the most interesting or informative part. As it turns out, I found it to be both and very applicable to what I am doing in the classroom. At the bottom of this post is a UBD “unit” that strives to teach students about copyright and fair use.

I really thought about how my views changed on the subject while in class. I think one of the hardest things about teaching is that you never remember how hard something was to learn once you actually learn it – because then it is easy. So when planning this unit about copyright and fair use, I really looked back to some of the things we did in COETAIL class.

I wanted to include some videos for several reasons. First, they are funny and catchy. I still sing that stupid “Copyright, What’s Copyright” song at random times during the day. One of main takeaways I want for students is that they are AWARE of these issues. Look no further than my post Teaching About Copyright┬áto see how unaware my students are. Second is that they do a good job of getting some basic ideas out there. The videos are good discussion starters.

Another trick I borrowed from COETAIL is to have students use CC images and give attribution in their blog posts. I was kind of doing this before, but only because I had seen some COETAIL discussion on Twitter and professional blogs before taking the course.

Although I plan to run this mini-unit in the first semester next year, I am hoping to sneak in some of the ideas with my classes this year too. If I really believe it to be valuable (and I do), then I should be able to find the time. These issues are important.