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May 05

Course 5 Final Project

Yes! I have finally finished my course 5 project. Check it out and learn how I used video analysis to help my students improve their reading fluency. This was the first time I have used video to analyze my students in any curriculum area.  It was such an amazing tool for really helping my students …

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Apr 27

Course 5 Final Project – Flipped Classroom

  I have been working on my course 5 final project for a few weeks now. My project goal is to use video analysis and feedback to help my students improve their reading fluency. When I introduced the project to my students I told them we would use Readers Theater to help them improve their …

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Dec 16

Course 5 Project Ideas

Option 1: Electronic Portfolios Why do you think this unit is a good possibility for your Course 5 project? • For the past few years (as long as I have been teaching at my school, 11 years) the students have always kept a paper/binder portfolio. This was show cased to parents during conferences, twice a …

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Nov 24

Management and Strategies for use of Devices in the Classroom

My grade 4 class is not a 1 to 1 class. We have a cart of 12 net-books for 24 students. When I need more I borrow another cart from a team mate. In my class the use of net-books happens mainly during our writing workshop time, which is first thing after lunch. Before the …

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Nov 23

Technology Learning Theories and the Future of Learning

I think I would be a brave and perhaps a foolish person to say that education will not change because of technology. Yes I do believe it will change. Where and how will it change? If I had a crystal ball I could tell you but I don’t. I can only speculate. For me I …

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Nov 23

A Flipped Classroom

Before today I did not have any idea what a flipped classroom was. After completing several readings and watching videos I think I have some understanding of it. If I were to tell my grade 4 students that our class will become a flipped classroom I would say… “A flipped classroom is when I will …

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Nov 22

Technology Integration

I have just spent time reading all about TIM and examining the matrix. Then thinking how would I evaluate my own practice of technology integration? I used the matrix and read the exemplars of what teach integration looks like at each of the five different levels in my classroom. After doing this I would have …

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Nov 16

The NET Standards for Students

Who’s job is it to teach the NETs standards to students and how do we ensure they are being met in an integrated model? Not so long ago I would have said it would have been the computer teacher’s job. But today with technology everywhere in our student’s daily lives and classrooms I think it …

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Nov 12

Digital Story Telling

I have finally have finished my video project for course 3. Yes!! This coming quarter my students and I will be doing a lot of work on writing summaries, retelling stories, reading with clarity, expression/fluently and completing reading responses. I also want my kids to learn to give book talks, and promote the books they …

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Oct 30

Remix Culture

I have just finished watching the video Everything is a Remix: The TED Talk by Kirby Ferguson and I have to agree that everything is a remix. I only have to look at my daily life as a classroom teacher to find many examples of remixing. A day would not go by when I and …

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