Mar 11

E-Portfolios Follow Up

A couple of days ago I blogged about how excited I was to discover Dana Watts presentation about E-Portfolios. Level Up: Creating E-Portfolios with Word Press Her video gave me ideas about how to use my blogs to create E-Portfolios. Last night I was even more excited when Jeff Utecht told me to check out his blog The Thinking Stick and a PDF he created all about blogs and E-Portfolios, Blogs as Web Based Portfolios.

For anyone like me where you are new to blogs and wanting to use your blogs to create E-Portfolios (doing away with the traditional ring binder portfolio) then Jeff’s article is a must read.

After reading the article I really understood the purpose of a blog and how it is such a simple and easy tool to create E-Portfolios. It really is a one stop shop where the students can create, gather, and reflect on their own learning, and have others (not just from their class but worldwide) offer feedback.

It allows me to easily see my student’s growth over the year, but also what they did the previous years. It is also wonderful assessment tool. I love the fact that the students really own their blogs and they can teach and learn from other students.
Next week I have student led portfolio conferences. These will be the last conferences where my students use the traditional ringer binder portfolio.

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