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Language is not the only means of communication. Technology has changed our communication speed and style. In the age when more of our communication is with images and sound than at any other time in history, it is crucial to use graphics, music, and movie effectively.

We must accept the fact that learning how to communicate with graphics, with music, with cinema, is just as important as communicating with words. Understanding these rules is as important as learning how to make a sentence work.

When I reflect on my school blog, of course the quality content is my primary concern, I need to reconsider the design to get readers’ attentions, awareness, and communicate efficiently with them. Design plays an important role of communication.


There are 5 points that I would like to change.

 1. Shorten the paragraphs

Each paragraph should be no longer than 3-5 sentences.

 2. Make the point clear and simple

Get to the point and be as clear as possible. Bring the idea into focus.

3. Have a heading for each point

Need a heading to tell the reader what the content is about, so that they can easily comb through the page.

4. Remove outdated information

Link old pages into the new pages or removed completely from the server.

5. Use graphics effectively

Use graphics to support the point and emphasized the importance of it.

One thought on “Web Design

  1. Great goals to continue developing your blog. Its interesting to note that your goals all have to do with the content of your posts, rather than the design of your blog as a whole. What are your thoughts about the “look” of your blog outside of the content of your posts? Does design factor in there as well?

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