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When I look back over my life as a student, my presentation hero is Ado Mizumori. She is an illustrator, singer, actress, painter, and writer.

Ado Mizumori


She gained fame by her performance, which she drew an illustration simultaneously with both hands on a transparent acrylic board while she sung. I was fascinated with her colorful illustrations, storytelling with songs, and her movement, the way she use her both hands simultaneously.

The article “From design to meaning” recalled her presentation to my mind. The six key abilities that relate to the art of presentation are introduced in this article. Those are Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play, and Meaning. I can see all this six key aptitudes in her performance.

Now, when I reflect on my presentation I can say I am not up to her as a presenter. My presentation lacks little of Design, Symphony, Empathy, and lots of Story, Play, Meaning.

How can I improve my visual presentations techniques? I think I can start with discussion. Discuss “good presentation” with students and analyze the presentations that are described as good.

Here is a part of the PowerPoint made by my students. They’ve been reworking on this PowerPoint since they watched the video by Don McMillan. I would share the final PowerPoint one of these days to see how they implement visual presentations techniques to improve their presentation.

2 thoughts on “Presentation Design

  1. Thanks Hiromi for your post. I think it is great that you used an artist as an example of someone whose presentation style you would like to emulate. You mentioned the six key abilities Garr Reynolds notes that one should strive for when presenting. I know I could definitely work on the design, symphony and empathetic parts of my presentation. Nice reflection about what parts you thought you could improve on.

    With the artist example you gave above, it really struck a note with me about how what she is doing is simplistic: singing and drawing. Of course simplicity is something Garr values in a good presentation. This artist also seems to be someone who is completely present during her performances and this is something Garr talks about as well. Do you feel like you are completely present when you present

    Thanks for your post!

  2. It’s great to see some student examples here, I’m really looking forward to seeing their revised slides once they have applied some of the presentation zen design principals. I’m wondering what your presentations look like? Can you bring any of these elements to your work?

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