ISSH Publishing Guidelines

Over the past few weeks the ISSH COETAIL cohorts (Mr.Baker, Ms.Seed, and Mr. Norris) have worked on a draft for a school-wide publishing policy with the head of media technologies and the high school principal. We all have a similar vision of the policy. We want our publishing guidelines will give the school community a foundation upon which to base our own publishing decisions and assist the community in professionally representing our school on the Web.

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The guidelines require responsible use for personal information, personal works, photos, and videos from every member of the community. It includes examples of what we can do and cannot do, and what rights we have. All the members of the school community are responsible for the content of the pages and comments they publish and are expected to follow by the high standards of responsibility. Not only students but also teachers should know our actions on the Web could affect people all around the world as well as in our real life.

Based on the guidelines, Mr. Norris made a poster to keep students informed about exactly what they are supposed to think before they publish their works or comments on the Web. The poster is written in student friendly language that makes them to think and reflect their actions on the Web.

Publishing Guidelines

Through this Publishing Guidelines, we should show our community how to use technologies responsibly and with respect.

2 thoughts on “ISSH Publishing Guidelines

  1. This is a clear summary of the thinking that went into the ISSH Publishing Guidelines and the common goals of the administrative team, media technologies department and teachers. I think that the student-centered language and its comprehensive nature are what make it useful for everyone in the school community.

    What do you think the best approach will be to highlighting and distributing the Publishing Guidelines poster the the school community?

  2. Well done Team! I love the simplicity of the design, and the fantastic student-friendly language. This one will be a hit!

    How do you feel you can use these guidelines with your work in the library? What key learning did you take away from this process?

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