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This is the fifth year I’ve been using the Promethean Interactive White Board (IWB) in my class and I’ve found it has changed my teaching. I remember years ago when I would write everything on chart paper and even laminate it. Those days are long gone, as I have found the IWB to be a great tool in my teacher toolbox.

I have found that students do miss the visual scaffolding which used to come when I would chart on paper what we were doing. I’ve started to chart maths strategies and some of the problem solving we’ve been doing, and some literacy ones as well. I have been happy to find the children still using their classroom as a resource (reading the room).

I’ve completed the Level 2 Curriculum Developer course with Promethean Planet. I found it to be an incredible and worthwhile course. I learned about how to create flip charts that are interactive – involving numerous things to elicit more teacher / student interaction. I would highly recommend the courses given by Promethean Planet to anyone looking to learn more about using their Promethean Interactive White Board. The most important thing I learned during the course was how to create more interaction with and between my students.

I’ve uploaded some resources to the Promethean Planet website, where you can feel free to download and use. You will need a username and password.

1. Place Value of numbers up to 99 – I submitted this flip chart in order to complete my Level 2 Curriculum Coordinator Course. This flip chart has actions, containers, you name it, its there!

2. Tuning In -Endangered Animals – I used this flip chart when my class was tuning in to our Sharing The Planet Unit. This was also translated into Spanish, which you can download here.

3. Finding out – Animal Survival – As my class was finding out more about animal survival, I created this flip chart. You can read about how my class took action here.

4. Irish Step Dancing - This is a flipchart I used while teaching a Unit of Inquiry about movement. Somehow I was coerced into teaching about Irish Step Dancing, which I’d taken lessons as a child. I blogged about it here.

5. Blogging with Year 2 – This was the beginning of my journey using blogging with my Year 2 class. I blogged about it here.

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