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As part of the wonderful Flat Classroom project that I am working on for my Course 5 project, my 3rd grade students are using Edmodo to communicate with other students around the world. I felt a need to guide them towards writing more quality comments and I was excited to start teaching this as I knew there was quite alot of great information in my PLN – we all can learn from each other, right? I found a great video from Mrs. Yollis’s class in California which gave my students some ideas about writing quality comments. Some of the tips we learned were:

When commenting on someone else’s blog,

1. Compliment the writer in a specific way – Show the reader you have read and understood what they are writing about. If you enjoyed something they wrote about – tell them! Who doesn’t like to hear something nice about their work?

2. Add new information – If someone wrote about poachers killing elephants in Africa, and you know of a way kids can help to stop the poachers, add that information to your post! It is great to learn from each other!

3. Make a connection – If the writer wrote about their trip to the Bronx Zoo and you absolutely love the Bronx Zoo and can’t wait to tell about your favourite place inside there – by all mean, share your connection. It makes for interesting reading and writing!

4. End with a question – Try to get a conversation going! Ask relevant questions from the reader. For example, if someone posts something about the Tappan Zee Bridge, and you were wondering what year it was built, ask them! Hopefully you will get an answer back.

5. Proofread your comment – Make sure your words are spelled correctly, always remember your capital letters at the beginning and add punctuation at the end. And remember, if you want to show excitement, use your words, not exclamation marks.

I also found some great information all the way from Australia, which I shared with the classes. We sorted blog comments into quality ones. We found a useful guide for writing great blog comments, and developed our own by discussing what would work best for us.

Here is my guide for writing quality blog comments. How do you get your students to write more quality comments?

Created by Heather Goggins

Created by Heather Goggins






10 thoughts on “Writing Quality Comments

    • Thanks Jeff, yes it is so spot on. My favorite part (and the one I keep on stressing to my students) is about showing emotion through words, not exclamation marks!

  1. Great video! Love the toothless smiles! But seriously, excellent tips for comment writing. Many thanks for sharing this resource. Such an important part of blogging – and of course any commenting whether it be on post-it notes or on google docs, etc.

    • Linda, Thank you, I agree, it is an important part of blogging – I always love to scroll down and see what other people have thought of an article.

  2. I find this post helpful for me to be able to produce quality comments which is the most important skill for me as a new blogger. Thanks for teaching me. Great video!

    • Yin Mon Aye, No problem, I think its a great video as well, Mrs. Yollis’s class worked hard!

  3. Heather,

    So glad that our video about writing quality comments is valued and still being used. That makes me happy! Commenting skills are important if a blogger is going to build readership.

    Thanks for the attribution!

    ~Linda Yollis


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