Disconnect to Reconnect

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During last Thursday evening’s BigMarker session, we briefly spoke about the Thai┬ácommercial, Disconnect to Connect, which I had seen previously and really enjoyed watching again. I also came across another video which was new to me, a video from the Philippines, Disconnect to Reconnect. It is a little long (almost 12 minutes), but completely worth it and made me reflect on the need for myself to be a good role model at showing my students a sense of balance when using technology. Go ahead, watch it, if you have some time. You’ll enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “Disconnect to Reconnect

  1. I really like your video on ” Disconnect to reconnect” its really amazing because it demonstrate the reality when i start blogging i wrote on the same topic.As it is the reality i wish every one uses the technology wisely in balanced manner.Since we need social life some times it is alright to give time to other activities and other people too. other wise we will lose our social lives.You know this days i couldn’t see my friends often because they are completely attached to their mobile and laptop.It is like addiction as most of them couldn’t improve,thus i can say even if technology is helpful in terms of social life it has some setbacks to avoid this we need to have self discipline in order to save our social lives.

    • I agree- we need to have balance as its too easy to use our mobile devices at all times. I admit I can be guilty of it at times but I am trying to have some self discipline. Glad you liked the video – its actually from the Philippines. not my own creation by any means.

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